About bod café bars

Join us on our journey of bod – from where it all began to where we are today!

The bod café bars concept was first planned in 2017 before coming to life in 2018 with our first bod café bar opening in Stafford. The aim was simple - create a relaxing and comfortable environment where all of the local community can come together, meet and socialise. All of our bod outlets use similar textures and finishes in their look so they all tie in and help to create a comfortable, friendly environment.

Here at bod, we are all about being ‘local’ from using what is available on our doorstep to the local feel of each of our bod outlets and being at the heart of our local communities. bod is a place for the whole family and community – even our furry friends too as all outlets are dog friendly.

Using local suppliers is very important to us, from the beer we serve down to the crisps we sell – we try and source our produce as local as possible. All of bod café bars have their beer sourced by local brewer Titanic Brewery from Stoke-on-Trent, fresh produce from local supplier Freshview Foods who are based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, all our ground coffee comes from Chartley Coffee based in Stowe-by-Chartley just outside of Stafford and all of the crisps we sell are from Just Crisps who make their crisps just outside of Rugeley, again near Stafford.

Here at bod, we are very conscious about sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment as much as possible so have taken the following steps:

  • All non-recyclable plastic straws were replaced with biodegradable straws back in 2018 and are disposed of correctly with our kitchen waste
  • Our bod branded take-out cups are fully recyclable including the lids – we did research on which would be more suitable, compostable or recyclable and settled on recyclable ones as recycling bins are much more readily available. Compostable items need to be disposed of correctly in compostable bins otherwise they can be as damaging on the environment if not more so if they end up in landfill
  • We offer bod branded reusable travel cups available to purchase in all of our bod outlets, these are from rCUP and made of recycled disposable cups - rcup.co.uk, what’s more, customers get their first fill in their reusable bod cup for FREE!
  • We also offer a 50p discount on all hot drinks when customers use their own reusable travel cup
  • We don’t sell any products in plastic bottles – all our cold drinks are in glass bottles, cans or cartons
  • We use brown paper recycled bags for your takeaway items from any bod outlet
  • Our bods have wooden stirrers for takeaway hot drinks

We continue to look at how we do things and are always on the look-out for more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives.

The first site to become a bod was a former Co-op shop in the Weeping Cross area of Stafford. The co-op had bought land opposite and had a new shop built meaning their former space became vacant. The Weeping Cross area had been without a watering hole or a place for locals to meet since 2009 when the Lynton Tavern (which was located where the Co-op Shop is now) was sold off for development. Prior to this the pub had been called The Crossbow which first opened in 1961 and then became the Lynton Tavern in 1988. It felt very fitting for us to create a café bar in this residential area and provide somewhere for people to come together once again – too good of an opportunity for us to miss!

The name bod came from the first site we created in Stafford, the road in which we opened the first café bar mentioned above, was on Bodmin Avenue - it just felt right that the name of the business gave a nod back to where it all began.

Around the time of developing bod Stafford, we were approached by Virgin Trains about creating a bar at Stoke Station and of course we were interested straight away! Having a space at Stoke Station felt very important to us as we could help be the first and last impression for people visiting Stoke or even catching a connecting train here too. As a Stoke-on-Trent business, this felt like an amazing opportunity for us and something we are extremely proud to be part of. With the building being listed, there wasn’t much to do internally, just a lick of paint, new flooring and lighting – the main feature as far as what we have created is the bar area. This was built offsite and then brought in and constructed and fits so well in the beautiful building. This was the second bod café bar to be opened in 2018 on the 8th October.

Our third bod café bar opportunity appeared and again, it was in a completely different building to the other two – this time a former NatWest Bank. The bank in Trentham on Longton Road had been closed by NatWest in the previous year, 2017, and was subsequently put on the market. This location would provide us with a second Stoke site and also would help us to become part of the Trentham community – very much like we had done in Stafford. With the building purchased, we set to work on the development of our third bod café bar – bod Trentham. This is again a listed building and has quite an interesting history behind it. Dating back to the mid 1800s, the building was designed by Sir Charles Barry and was created as Trentham Police Station. The building remained a Police Station right up until 1930 when it then became a branch of District Bank before becoming a NatWest branch in 1970. With all this history, we knew we had to try and retain its story and journey so there is artwork to help illustrate this, some of the features have been retained such as the vaults from its days as a bank and the local Trentham World War One Project helped us to create a timeline of the building and local area that is displayed in the entrance hall.

Work is well underway on our fourth bod outlet, bod Newport. The building is another former NatWest bank branch and we aim to retain some key features including the bank vault and old cash lift. The plan is for bod Newport to open in September 2019.

We are always on the lookout for potential new bod sites so if you have seen somewhere that you think would make a great bod café bar, please do let us know – who knows, we could be bringing a bod to your area soon!

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